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Best Spa and Massage Center in Bhubaneswar

Best Spa in Bhubaneswar | Full Body Massage Centre | Thai Massage | Thai Spa Near Me | Body Massage Near Me

Welcome to Zaara Spa in Bhubaneswar is dedicated to providing our guests with the highest quality treatments and services. We offer a variety of massages, facials, and body treatments that are designed to relax and rejuvenate. Our team of skilled therapists are passionate about helping our guests feel their best. We invite you to experience the Zaara Spa difference.

The Leading Massage Centre and Spa in Bhubaneswar , Railway Station

Zaara Spa in Bhubaneswar is a haven of peace and tranquillity, where you can relax and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. Our highly trained and experienced therapists offer a wide range of treatments, including Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage and more. We also offer a range of beauty treatments, such as facials, manicures, pedicures and more. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage or a pampering beauty treatment, Zaara Spa in Bhubaneswar is the perfect place for you. 

The world is changing and the way our physical and mental structure is organised is also changing. Life has become the busiest thing in this universe. Stress and anxiety have become a part of our day to day lives. In such circumstances, it is necessary for a person to rejuvenate his/her body and mind. For this Spa and massage therapies are the best options available there.

                                    Benfit for Hiring Professional Spa in Bhubaneswar 

We are a leading Spa in Bhubaneswar that offers quality Spa and massage services at budget-friendly rates. We are fortunate to be located in the temple city of Odisha. Our location allows anyone who lives in Bhubaneswar to visit us without the hassles of transportation.

We are a team that is composed of passion, dedication and the will to explore new ideas to make your life blissful. Unlike other luxurious Spas, we do not only rely on modern day Spa and Massage therapies. But we bring many ancient techniques of healing to help our guests. As a leading massage center in Bhubaneswar we are totally made for healing and rejuvenation purposes. Our hand-picked staff are like magicians who instantly understand your requirements once you visit us.

                                                          Why Zaara Spa in Bhubaneswar ?

We offer various Spa & massage therapies like Swedish massage, body to body massage, Thai body massage, professional body massage in Bhubaneswar, Aroma oil massage, sensual massage and many more. We believe in three basic things that are relaxation, satisfaction, and rejuvenation as a best unisex Spa near bapuji Nagar. We invite you to visit us whenever you feel tired and we promise you to take you on a blissful journey where you can reconnect yourself with the inner spiritual energy of yours.

If you are looking for a good spa near Bhubaneswar Railway Station and airport, Zaara Spa is the best option for you. It is located at a distance of about 1 km from the railway station and about 3 km from the airport. The spa offers a wide range of services such as body massage, facial, pedicure, and manicure. The staff at Zaara Spa is very friendly and polite. They make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed during your stay.


Services Pricing


₹ 2500/-


₹ 3200/-


₹ 4000/-


₹ 3200/-

Zaara spa



When you undergo our total detox package, it’s a rebirth!


Time tested treatments for total relief from stress, strains and tensions

Herbal &

Our treatment is safe from any kind of side effect as it is pure & natural.


Natural Spa uses their own organically grown herbs from their garden.


Time tested treatments for total relief from stress, strains and tensions


Our treatment is safe from any kind of side effect as it is pure & natural.



₹9999 /- Amount

60 mins.
(get Rs.22000)
55% extra value.

1-Hamam, 2-Aroma oil, 2-Deep Tissue, 1-Dry, 1-Back & Shoulder with oil


₹14999 /- Amount

60 mins.
(get Rs.36000)
60% extra value.

1-Hamam, 3-Aroma oil, 3-Deep Tissue, 2-Dry, 2-Back & Shoulder with oil


₹19999 /- Amount

60 mins.
(get Rs.50000)
65% extra value.

2 Hamam, 4-Aroma oil, 4-Deep Tissue, 3-Dry, 2-Back & Shoulder with oil


₹24999/- Amount

60 mins.
(get Rs.70000)
70% extra value.

2 Hamam, 4-Aroma oil, 4-Deep Tissue, 3-Dry, 2-Back & Shoulder with oil

Our Happy Clients!

I am very happy with the spa and massage serviced by the Zaara Spa in Bhubaneswar. Tried a session on traditional Thai massage and was surprised to find that they provide authentic Thai spa specialist really incredible experience and great work.


Rai Saab

I really had a great experience with Zarra Spa in Bhubaneswar. The ambience was awesome. Especially the therapist Miss Pari was really professional and really provide a good massage and relief me from my shoulder pain and my lower back pain.

Biswaranjan Rout


The Zaara spa in Bhubaneswar is really nice. It’s so relaxing and the people are really good! It’s a friendly environment. Highly recommended to everyone in the city to come here and have a fun relaxing session ! Thank you so much team !


Debasish Rout

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